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Wood Sandblasting


You can find information and explanation about wood sandblasting on this web page. Wood Sandblasting is used on wood for resurfacing, smoothing or shaping. It is also used to remove unwanted finishes, such as paint, shellac or varnish. Wood sandblasting application returns the wood surface to its original state.

Wood sandblasting application is blasting solid particles across the surface at high speeds; the effect is similar to that of using sandpaper, but provides a more even and better finish. Besides it is very unusual to have problems at corners or crannies. This process is applied to finish wooden pieces that had been previously painted and now that painting is completely useless or we had decide to change that painting. House redecoration and restoration applications use extensively the wood sandblasting technique for this kind of purpose. This method is most cost effective cleaning and renewal application of the wood surfaces. Desired surface quality is obtained in standard and rapid manner.

Wood Sandblasting

We can also sandblast wood for the sole purpose of creating art pieces. With this goal is very crucial the chosen components. The equipment itself is just only one aspect of sandblasting. Another is the blasting media used in the process. There are an almost endless number of materials that can be used- from silica sand to glass beads, to organic abrasives such as walnut shells and blasting soda. This blasting media, blasting soda is gentle enough to remove the coating and residues without harming the substrate. It can be applied safely in most applications as the best option. You may contact our company and get detailed information about wood sandblasting and required machinery.

Sandblasting Cabinet