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Saykar Wet Blasting Systems have been developed to obtain better surface forms by spraying the blasting abrasive with water on the surface in sensitive surface finishing operations with high volume recirculating flow.

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Wet Blasting - Nuclear

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***Wet Blasting Machines - Better with Water***

Wet blasting provides a more consistent finish by creating a slurry flow that ensures an even and homogeneous surface with the lubricating effect of water. Other dry blasting processes can cause heavier impact and lack of flow with unpredictable results with the increased likelihood of uncontrollable abrasion. The use of water creates a lubricating effect by increasing the particle flow across the treated surface. Unlike dry blasting, wet blasting acts as a buffer, preventing blasting granules from staying in the base material and protecting sensitive surfaces.

Proven wet sandblasting technique is used in the purification of surfaces from harmful substances in all nuclear power plants around the world,. It provides controlled cleaning and release of components, tools and parts against reuse or conventional waste.

Saykar, besides Nuclear Wet Blasting Machines, Aviation Wet Blasting Machine, Mold Wet Blasting Machine, Gun Wet Blasting Machine, Composite Material Wet Sandblasting Machine, Cutting Tool Wet Sandblasting Machine, Automotive Wet Sandblasting Machine, Wire Cable Wet Sandblasting Machine, It produces high quality and powerful wet sandblasting machines for the leading companies in the sector, such as Medical Wet Sandblasting Machine.

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