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Polyurethane Sandblasting


You can find information and explanations about polyurethane sandblasting on this web page. Polyurethane polymers are traditionally and most commonly formed by reacting a di- or polyisocyanate with a polyol. Polyurethane (PUR and PU) is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate (urethane) links. Polyurethane is a unique material that offers the elasticity of rubber combined with the toughness and durability of metal. Abrasion resistant, Load bearing capacity, Tear resistant, weather resistant, excellent noise abatement properties, flex-Life, electrical properties, heat and cold resistant.

Polyurethanes are used in the manufacture of high-resilience foam seating, rigid foam insulation panels, microcellular foam seals and gaskets, durable elastomeric wheels and tires (such as roller coaster, escalator, shopping cart, elevator, and skateboard wheels), automotive suspension bushings, electrical potting compounds, high performance adhesives, surface coatings and surface sealants, synthetic fibers, carpet underlay, hard-plastic parts (e.g., for electronic instruments), condoms and hoses.

Polyurethane sandblasting is made to provide the desired surface texture and to correct mold imperfections. The process of sandblasting is also made to create a 3-dimensional pattern on the surface and to provide the appearance of another material such as wood. We think that polyurethane sandblasting will become a lot more widely available in the future with the increasingly use of polyurethane. Polyurethane material can be enriched with Polyurethane Sandblasting to provide product diversity.

Polyurethane Sandblasting

We suggest aluminium oxide and silicon carbide sandblasting abrasives for polyurethane sandblasting process. Depending on the sandblasting purpose, hard and sharp-edged abrasives can also be used. By polyurethane sandblasting and suitable coating, polyurethane materials can gain appearance of wood, metal or other materials. Polyurethane materials have the advantages such as being more durable, lighter, require less maintenance, being cheaper and used as an alternative to other materials. You can get detailed information about the polyurethane sandblasting and most appropriate polyurethane sandblasting machinery, equipment and supplies by calling our company.

Sandblasting Cabinet