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Double Surface Operator Wet Blasting Machine
Double Surface Operator Automatic Loading Wet Blasting Machine

SK 1350 Double Surface Operator Wet Blasting Machine is a high-efficiency, high-tech sandblasting machine produced for surface treatment and finishing works. Operation principle and design of SK 1350 Wet Blasting Machine completely belong to our company. Saykar has been manufacturing surface treatment machines working with pressurised air since 2003.
Main advantages of SK 1350 Double Surface Operator Wet Blasting Machine: * Provides a healthier working environment by eliminating dust caused by sandblasting. * Original Design and Working Principle. * Saves by less consumable consumption. * Adjustable Sandlasting Pressure Feature * Adjustable Spray Amount Feature * Safety Protected with Different Systems at Different Points * Automatic Filter System * Zero Dust Emission * Provides faster and more sensitive surface cleaning.

This wet blasting machine is especially designed for precision sandblasting of large and heavy parts. It is a double-action sandblasting machine. Loading, unloading and turntable works automatically. If the whole piece is not accessible at one point, the operator can access the top of the part from the 2nd and high platform.

This machine has outer dimensions of 4.155 mm x 2.315 mm x 2.490 mm(h), net cabin internal dimensions of 1.460 mm x 1.592 mm x 1.308 mm (h) and weighs 2.250 kg. The diameter of the turntable is 1,240 mm.

Our machines are used safely in many companies worldwide. For example: Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Kosovo, Iran, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, UAE. Our machines provide superior functionality and aesthetics. Longer service life, less maintenance times, process safety, fast service and technical information support are also among the advantages we can offer you.

Double Surface Operator Wet Blasting MachineDouble Surface Operator Wet Blasting Machine

Wet Sandblasting Process

Our wet blasting machines provide faster, more effective and more homogeneous surface treatment compared to conventional dry blasting. Wet blasting removes deep-rooted contaminations on the material without damaging the underlying surface.

This process uses a mixture of water and abrasive at certain rates. This slurry is pumped from the tank to the blasting gun. The slurry meets compressed air in the mixing chamber, creating a highly powerful blast stream. This stream accelerates though the boron carbide nozzles, ensuring the ideal blasting. After impacting upon the surface, the slurry goes back to the mixing chamber, recirculates through the same system for continuous use.

Main role in obtaining the required surface is abrasive as in dry sandblasting, This offers a great variety and controllability since the form, hardness and size of abrasive particles can be chosen according to the application, in order to get the desired surface. We provide recommendations and essential technical information in choosing the abrasive which suits the application the best.

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