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Turbo Sandblasting


You can find information about sandblasting machines and equipments used in the turbo repair and turbo cleaning process on this web page. Turbos, recently indispensable elements of the new generation engines, are exposed to the exhaust gases as operating principles. Exhaust gas creates the soot formation on the turbo fan in time and it begins to affect the efficiency of the motor adversely over time. Therefore turbos in cars are removed at specific time intervals and the parts in contact with the exhaust gases are cleaned. This turbo cleaning process is usually performed by the sensitive blasting operation. Turbo blades are made up of aluminum material and it is more suitable to sandblast with glass beads to avoid deforming. Charred soot on turbo exhaust spiral, turbo housing, turbo blades, turbo shaft and other turbo parts can be cleaned by turbo sandblasting efficiently. Below you can find the pictures of required machine and equipments for Turbo Sandblasting (Turbo repair, Turbo Cleaning).

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Turbo Sandblasting with Wet Sandblasting Machine - Video

Turbo Sandblasting Machinery
Turbo Sandblasting Cabinet Turbo Wet Blasting Machine
SK 500 Sandblasting Cabinet Turbo Wet Blasting Machine
Turbo Kumlama Turbo Kumlama
Sandblasting Cabinet