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Jeans Sandblasting Machine
Autumatic Rotating Pressure Sandblasting Machine

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SK 1480 B OTM DT Automatic Rotating Pressure Sandblasting Machine stands out with its compact design and space-saving advantage for surface treatment processes requiring high surface roughness or high blasting power (such as rubber coating, Teflon coating removal, enamel removal, wheel cleaning). The rotary table in this machine has a diameter of Ø990 mm and a thickness of 8 mm, with a carrying capacity of 1000 kg and 6 support and balance wheels to evenly distribute the load.

It allows the molds or parts to be loaded onto the rotating table using various lifting equipment such as overhead cranes or forklifts and automatically fed into the machine.

The Filter Unit's Jet-Pulse system collects the accumulated dust on itself and stores it in the waste section of the dust collection unit at regular intervals. After connecting the filtration system to the exhaust, it operates at a noise level below 75 dBA.

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Alongside our expert production team, we offer this pressure blasting machine with automatic rotating table and guillotine cover features, which can be produced in either right or left direction, providing up to 4 times faster and more powerful processing compared to standard blasting machines. We also design special fully automated solutions for standard parts.

Our system utilizes pressure blasting principles. During the blasting process activated by the foot pedal, the sprayed abrasive material is drawn into the cyclone system to be separated from the dust and starts to accumulate in the pressure tank unit. When the operator releases the pedal, the blasting process ends, and the pressure tank automatically opens, allowing the abrasive material to reload for reuse. This provides efficient and effective operation.

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Pressure Blasting Machine
Thanks to our Jet-Pulse filter system, we offer dust-free operation. We always prioritize our customers' safety and the cleanliness of the working environment.

SK 1480 B OTM DT Automatic Rotating Pressure Blasting Machine makes the process easier with its Automatic Rotating Table unit. It can be used in automatic mode at a fixed RPM or automatically in the desired direction through the foot pedals on the touchscreen.

With our compact design, we aim to meet your pressure blasting machine needs in this segment while occupying less space.

System Technical Specifications: Pressure System, Side-door loading convenience, Minimum Abrasive material quantity of 100 kg, Nozzle Hanger apparatus allowing two-handed operation, Jet Pulse filtration system, Automatic Rotary Table Entry-Exit System, Automatic Rotary Table Motion System, Safety Package

System Advantages: *High Spraying Pressure *Low Dust Emission (Test report available for dust dispersion) *Up to 4 times faster processing compared to vacuum systems *Loading convenience with Overhead Crane *User-friendly operation with PLC Screen *Easy maintenance with cyclone maintenance cap

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