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Wet Blasting Machine
Wet Blasting CabinetWet Sandlasting CabinetWet Blasting Machine
Wet blasting machines are designed for precision blasting operations, which are becoming more and more widely used, provide dust-free operation and can reach the desired surface quality of the materials. Our Wet Blasting Machines are our own production and are used safely in different countries of the world. Wet blasting technology provides faster, more effective and more stable surface treatment in surface preparation compared to conventional dry blasting. Wet blasting removes deep-rooted contaminations on the material without damaging the underlying surface.
Wet blasting provides a more consistent finish by creating a slurry flow that ensures an even and homogeneous surface with the lubricating effect of water. The use of water creates a lubricating effect by increasing the particle flow across the treated surface. Unlike dry blasting, wet blasting acts as a buffer, preventing blasting granules from staying in the base material and protecting sensitive surfaces.

"SK 1100 Total Number of Machines 61"


***Wet Blasting Machines - Better with Water***
Wet Blasting Machine
Wet Blasting MachineWet Blasting CabinetWet Blasting Machine
SK 800 Wet Blasting Machine has a smaller size, less space, standard features compared to our other wet sandblasting machines. You can use all the advantages of wet sandblasting and perform your sandblasting operations in a dust-free and healthier way.

"SK 1100 Total Number of Machines 32"

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Wet Blasting Machine
Wet Blasting MachineWet Blasting Cabinet
SK 1100 S Wet Blasting Machine is designed with stand and turntable, and it is one of our most produced wet sandblasting machines. This sandblasting machine with the recycling system, dust, waste parts and consumable sand are separated, providing economic and quality work. It has a jet pulse system that performs automatic filter cleaning with time adjustment. It provides safe operation with door switches, motor protection relay and emergency stop mechanisms.
Wet blasting is not only improves material quality and lifespan, but is also more environmentally friendly, requiring fewer consumables and being able to process without harmful chemicals. SK 1100 S Wet Blasting Machine is our most used wet blasting machine for relatively heavy parts with its ability to be used in different surface treatments.
Wet Blasting Machine
Wet Blasting Machine
SK 1200 S Wet Blasting Machine is a special sandblasting machine with CE certificate, zero dust emission, design and patent belonging to SAYKAR. Wet Sandblasting Machine sprays a mixture of sandblasting consumables and water with a specific gravity of less than 4 gr / cm3. During operation, the Wet Sandblasting system has a pump system that allows adjusting the compressed air used by the regulator as well as the amount of sand. Our Wet Sandblasting Machine provides uninterrupted operation by ensuring that the consumable material used automatically during operation is included in the recycling system. It has 2955 mm x 1880 mm x 2140 mm (h) mm outer dimensions, 1147 mm x 1296 mm x 783 mm (h) net internal dimensions and weighs 800 kg.
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Wet Blasting Machine with Conveyor
Wet Blasting Machine with Conveyor
SK 1150 Conveyor Wet Blasting Machine is a sandblasting machine designed especially for gun barrel sandblasting, offering a healthier working environment. Injection System offers maximum control with its Spray Amount Adjustment Feature (Pressure and sand feed regulator). The sandblasting cabinet is laser cut and made of stainless steel. It provides safer working opportunity thanks to switches, solenoid valve and special production panel on the covers. Working principle and design of this Wet Sandblasting Machine is entirely our own, as with all our sandblasting machines.
Our wet blasting machines offer you a wide range of application options in surface treatment applications such as surface cleaning, roughening, matting and polishing. Its biggest feature is that it provides us a healthier working environment with the opportunity to work without dust.

Wet Blasting Process
Wet blasting is a process developed with the aim of meeting the need of high quality surface finishing in a wide variety of area usage.

This process uses a mixture of water and abrasive at certain rates. This slurry is pumped from the tank to the blasting gun. The slurry meets compressed air in the mixing chamber, creating a highly powerful blast stream. This stream accelerates though the boron carbide nozzles, ensuring the ideal blasting. After impacting upon the surface, the slurry goes back to the mixing chamber, recirculates through the same system for continuous use.

As in the case with dry blasting, the main role in obtaining the required surface is played by the abrasive. This offers a great variety and controllability since the form, hardness and size of abrasive particles can be chosen according to the application, in order to get the desired surface. We provide recommendations and essential technical information in choosing the abrasive which suits the application the best. Wet sandblasting not only ends in an extremely clean and high-quality surface, but it also facilitates the nitration action. The nitrogen diffuses very easily through the wet blasted surface.The duration during which the abrasive can be used depends on various factors such as pressure of the air, number of guns and operating time.

As mentioned above, the fluid dynamics lubricates the abrasive and ensures a less aggressive and tenderer blasting. Consistent flow provided by the water protects the surface and the geometrical shape of the die. One of the most significant advantages of the wet blasting is that the slurry can find serpentine ways over the tangled surfaces by the help of water and provide a homogeneous polishing over every type of surfaces.

The suitable abrasive should be chosen taking account of its endurance and the hardness of the surface.
As the usage of abrasive together with water can cause corrosion, all parts which are exposed to water are made from stainless steel in our machines.

Wet blasting technology offers a more effective and constant polishing action when compared to conventional dry blasting systems. Wet sandblasting can remove deeply imbedded contaminations on the material without causing any damage to the substrate below.

Wet blasting process offers a better work environment. The usage of water defeats the problem of airborne particles and prevents their accumulation around the machines. This industrial hygiene eliminates additional cleaning and maintenance needs.

Wet blasting offers a flexible and successful solution in the cleaning of materials and in every area it is used, thanks to the variety of process parameters and high controllability. Wet blasting is a process developed with the aim of meeting the need of high quality surface finishing in a wide variety of area usage.

"Saykar Total Number of Sandblasting Machines 1523"

"Wet Blasting Machines 157"
"Sandblasting Machines Exported Abroad 126"


***Saykar is Turkey's Most Recommended Wet Sandblasting Machine Manufacturer***
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