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Sandblasting Gun
Sandblasting Gun
Sandblasting guns code number KT 30 are used at SK 500 Sandblasting Cabinets. Sandblasting guns code number KT 42 are used at SK 1000, SK 1400 and at our all sandblasting cabinets. These sandblasting guns are developed by our company with high efficiency and long service life. Sandblasting gun basically consists of 3 parts. First part is air injector, that determines the amount of air consumption of the sandblasting gun. This piece is the black part in the picture above. This piece is abraded by the sand over time can be replaced regardless of sandblasting gun with the spare one.

This feature is economic characteristic of these sandblasting guns. As second part the body of sandblasting gun can be said. The third and last part is the sandblasting gun nozzle. These nozzles are produced from a material of boron carbide with high abrasion resistance. Sandblasting gun which is the most important part of the sandblasting machine, determines the consumption of the air, sand and the quality of sandblasting. Sandblasting nozzle and sandblasting gun are sold separately if desired. Our sandblasting gun is compatible with all sandblasting machines and we are able to perform the installation of this equipment if requested.
Sandblasting Cabinet