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Two Operator Sandblasting Machine
Two Operator Injection Sandblasting MachineDouble Operator Sandblasting MachineTwo Operator Sandblasting Machine

***Our Company Is The Most Preferred Sandblasting Machine Manufacturer In Turkey***
SK 1500 Two Operator Sandblasting Machine was compact designed for sandblasting of parts upto 140cm. It is convenient for general sandblasting processes with injection system. Sandblasting pressure and abrasive quantity can be adjusted. SK 1500 Injection Type Sandblasting Machine; It allows two operators to work at the same time and separately. It has an automatic self-cleaning filter system. It can process every part that can fit inside the cabinet. This Machine can be used both in pre-painting or pre-coating roughening Works and in cleaning and polishing works.
Saykar has been manufacturing surface treatment machines since 2003. The design and principles of operation of these machines are entirely owned by Saykar. This machine is motor protected, has adjustable pressure and phase display. This large sandblasting machine is suitable for sandblasting of medium and large parts. Every Saykar Sandblasting Machine are tested before sale. Same procedures and steps are applied for the SK 1500 Two Operator Sandblasting Machine.

Longer service life, less maintenance times, process safety, fast service and technical information support are also among the advantages we can offer you. Our Sandblasting Machines are used safely in many companies in Turkey and worldwide. Examples of countries where these companies are located: Italy, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Spain, Kosovo, Iran, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, UAE.
Two Operator Sandblasting Machine
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