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Gun Sandblasting


You can find information about sandblasting machines used in gun sandblasting on this web page. Almost all steel-based metals used in the defense industry are subjected to sandblasing process before coating and painting. Sandblasting is done very sensitively in this area and extra care must be taken. Cabinet type gun sandblasting machines are usually used for this process. Also automatic machines or big volume sandblasting cabinets may be preferred depending on the amount of production. Sandblasting machines used in the gun sandblasting process can be seen below.

Satellite Type Automatic Sandblasting Machine
SK 2000 Satellite Type Automatic Sandblasting Machine is a highly efficient automatic high-tech machine for the treatment and finishing of surfaces. Their efficiency comes from the complete elimination of downtime due to the emptying of machined parts and the loading of parts to be processed. This machine is equipped with a multi-station turntable system that makes it possible to feed the system without interrupting the process. The external station enables loading / unloading while the process is in progress. A special area has been allocated for the processed part. The operator interface PLC allows you to program and control all process parameters with extreme precision.
*Loading / unloading in minimum time *Cyclone for sand separation and recovery *Linear drive units of nozzles *Special station for automatic air cleaning *PLC with operator interface to operate the system *Adjusting the rotation speed of the satellite *Adjusting speed and gun positions *Self-cleaning cartridge filtering cabinet *Internal wear resistant liner
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Satellite Type Automatic Wet Blasting Machine, Automatic Wet Sandlasting Machine, Turkey
SK 2004 Satellite Type Automatic Wet Blasting Machine is a latest generation wet sandblasting machine designed for processing and finishing the surfaces of cylindrical parts. The operator completes the process by selecting the program only on the touch screen to obtain standard surface quality; so that all parameters such as rotation speed of the part, sandblasting time, sandblasting speed, distance of nozzles to the part, sandblasting pressure can be entered into the recipe. In this machine, which is designed for companies with high production capacity, parts up to 80 cm in length can be processed for the desired time according to the desired surface. It operates at high efficiency thanks to its front cake slice design, where the sandblasting process can continue uninterruptedly. SK 2004 Satellite Type Automatic Wet Blasting Machine was brought to the Turkish industry by our company Saykar with its user-friendly design, fast processing time, dust-free operation and homogeneous surface advantages.
* Automatic Wet Blasting * High processing capacity * Uninterrupted process continuity * Dust-free working * More homogenized surface than dry sandblasting * Loading / unloading in minimum time * Linear drive units of nozzles * PLC with operator interface to operate the system * Adjusting the satellite rotation speed * Adjusting speed and gun positions * Internal wear resistant lining * Abrasive saving provided by wet blasting.
Our wet sandblasting machines are used safely in Turkey, in Europe and Turkey's neighboring countries.

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***Wet Blasting Machines - Better with Water***

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Wet Blasting Machine with Conveyor
SK 1150 Conveyor Wet Sandblasting Machine, especially designed for the blasting of the gun barrels, for defence industry. The sandblasting cabinet is made of stainless steel. The Injection System offers maximum control with the Spray Quantity Adjustment Feature (Pressure and sand feed regulator).

Wet Blasting CabinetWet Sandlasting CabinetWet Blasting Machine
SK 1100 Wet Blasting Cabinet - Wet Sandblasting Machine - Wet Blasting Machine is designed for precision sandblasting, providing dustless working and brilliant surface quality of the materials could bring to. This Wet Blasting Cabinet's working principle and design completely belong to our company. It is the first cabinet type wet sandblasting machine developed in Turkey and it is used safely in many companies worldwide.

Benchtop Sandblasting Machine
SK 500 Benchtop Sandblasting Machine; The main feature is dust-free sandblasting of small parts and low air consumption. Therefore It is a device that can be installed with small investment and it is user friendly. The design of this machine belongs entirely to our company. It can even work with a compressor of 4 kwh (5.5 hp) and by means of single-phase electric board It may also be used with city electricity.
Main features of SK 500 Benchtop Sandblasting Machine: *Original Design and Working Principle *Adjustable Sandblasting Pressure *Special Automatic Filter System *Workable with Single Phase Electricity.
Sandblasting Cabinet