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We know that automobile manufacturers, material manufacturers, restorers and high-performance racing teams are now using the wet sandblasting system, and as Saykar, we continue to work and research in this sector as a company with experience in cleaning and parts preparation in various vehicle types.
Automotive industry has started to use Wet Blasting Technology for superior surface quality and this system has become more and more common among companies.

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"Saykar Total Number of Sandblasting Machines 1523"

"Wet Blasting Machines 157"
"Sandblasting Machines Exported Abroad 126"

Wet Blasting Machine
Wet Blasting - Automotive

***Wet Blasting Machines - Better with Water***

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Engine Block Wet Sandblasting - Video Engine Block Wet Sandblasting - Video Brake Caliper Wet Sandblasting - Video

The process of Saykar Wet Blasting Technique was developed with our sectoral experience and R&D studies to provide optimum level of process control and reliability. This process allowed users with us to create consistent surface finishes.

Saykar sandblasting systems have gained a structure that is highly compatible with existing production lines and facilitates maintenance with our automatic wet sandblasting solutions becoming popular among companies with high production volumes.

We have a range of automatic and manual wet blasting systems that are well suited for the automotive industry. We will be happy to provide solutions in your work with our experienced engineer staff and service personnel, and to be by your side with harmonious collaborations.

Saykar, besides Automotive Wet Blasting Machines, Aviation Wet Blasting Machine, Mold Wet Blasting Machine, Gun Wet Blasting Machine, Composite Material Wet Sandblasting Machine, Wire Cable Wet Sandblasting Machine, Cutting Tool Wet Sandblasting Machine, Nuclear Wet Sandblasting Machine, It produces high quality and powerful wet sandblasting machines for the leading companies in the sector, such as Medical Wet Sandblasting Machine.

***Turkey's Most Preferred Wet Blasting Machine Manufacturer***
WET BLASTING - Automotive