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Sandblasting Abrasives
Aluminum Oxide Glass Beads Stainless Steel Shots Silicon Carbide Steel Shot Grit
Aluminum Oxide Glass Beads Stainless Steel Shots Silicon Carbide Steel Shot Steel Grit
Garnet Glass Sand Ceramic Shots Plastic Abrasives Blasting Soda
Garnet Glass sand Ceramic Shot Plastic Abrasive Sandblasting Soda

Quality Sandblasting Abrasives

Aluminum Oxide, Glass Beads, Garnet, Stainless Steel Beads and More at Best Prices - Immediate Delivery from Stock

Our company offers the advantage of being able to immediately obtain sandblasting consumables from stock for your sandblasting operations. We use our own sands, which are produced to quality standards with CE certificate, so we offer them to our customers with confidence. "Companies that trust us and seek quality service prefer us to meet their sandblasting needs."

Product Types:

*Aluminium Oxide *Glass Bead *Stainless Steel Shot *Garnet *Silicon Carbide *Steel Shot - Grit *Glass Sand *Ceramic Shot *Plastic Abrasive *Blasting Soda

Alüminyum Oxide: Aluminum oxide is a sandblasting material frequently used in sandblasting processes. Ideal for cleaning, matting and roughening metal surfaces. Effective results are achieved thanks to its high abrasion ability.

Glass Bead: Glass beads are another material used in sandblasting processes. It is generally preferred for cleaning and polishing metal surfaces. The relatively light properties of glass beads allow smooth processing of surfaces.

Stainless Steel Shot: Stainless steel shots are a type of abrasive material used in sandblasting processes. It is effective for cleaning, polishing and processing metal surfaces. The durable structure of stainless steel balls ensures long-lasting use.Steel Shot is used for heavy duty peening applications. Glass Beads being lighter than steel shot are used for low to medium peening operations.

Garnet: Garnet, a natural type of sand, is an effective sandblasting consumable used in various industrial applications. In addition to metal surfaces, it can also be used to clean surfaces such as stone and concrete.

Silicon Carbide: Known for its high hardness, silicon carbide provides fast and effective sandblasting of metal surfaces. It is suitable for long-term use with its wear-resistant structure.

Steel Shot-Grit: Steel shot-grit is a material widely used in sandblasting processes of metal surfaces. It attracts attention with its durable structure and effective cleaning feature.

Glass Sand: Glass sand is an ideal option for cleaning sensitive surfaces and obtaining a smooth appearance. It provides effective results in cleaning fragile materials such as glass.

Ceramic Shots: Ceramic shots, known for their high hardness and durable structure, are an effective material used in sandblasting processes of metal surfaces. It is effective in removing rust and corrosion.

Plastic Abrasive: Plastic abrasive materials are an option used in sandblasting operations of sensitive surfaces. In addition to metal surfaces, it is also preferred for cleaning materials such as wood and plastic.

Sandblasting Soda: Sandblasting soda is an ideal material for cleaning and removing rust, especially on sensitive surfaces. It can be used on metal surfaces as well as materials such as glass and stone.

We offer a wide range of sandblasting sand products. You can contact us to choose the sandblasting material that suits your needs.

Why Should You Choose Us?

High Quality
Affordable Prices
Wide Product Range
Fast Delivery
Customer Support

Remember, quality sandblasting consumables make your works easier and more efficient. Contact us and let us help you find the consumables that best suit your needs.

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