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Remote Control Valve Deadman Handle
Remote Control Valve & Deadman Handle
Automatic pressured sandblasting pot is made up of the trigger system and air cutter valve mounted to manual pressure sandblasting pot. Pressured sandblasting pot with automatic air cutter unit is much safer considering the terms of operational safety. It allows for air remote filling and draining to the pot. Automatic system sandblasting pot is much more safe and practical when sandblasting is performed in the open field and away from the pot. Operator does not have to go all the way to the sandblasting pot and close the air valve to end sandblasting. It prevents unnecessary wasted time and blasted abrasive. We use this remote control valve and deadman handle unit as standard when we manufacture our sandblasting pot according to terms of working security. This system ensures cutting off the flow of sand at unwanted situations and prevent potential accidents.
Sandblasting Cabinet