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Wet Sandblasting


Cabinet Type Wet Blasting

Wet blasting is a process developed to meet the need for high quality surface finishing in a wide variety of uses. This sandblasting system uses a water-sand mixture created by mixing a certain proportion of water and consumable sand for the process of surface treatment. Water-sand mixture formed in the mixing chamber is pumped and sent to the sandblasting gun. It creates high power flow by combining with compressed air in the mixing chamber located in the sandblasting gun. This flow is accelerated by the boron carbide nozzle, providing ideal spraying for sandblasting. After acting as a water-sand mixture hitting the surface, it is poured back into the mixing chamber and allows continuous use by circulating on the same line.

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Wet blasting technology provides faster, more effective and more stable surface treatment in surface preparation compared to conventional dry sandblasting. Sandblasting abrasive which is used to achieve the desired surface, performs the main function as in dry blasting. Preferred consumable sand, shape and size options provide wide options and high control to obtain the desired surface. We offer suggestions and technical information in line with the process to be made in the selection of sandblasting abrasive. It offers an extremely clean and high quality surface compared to sandblasting process alternatives. Nitrogen diffuses easily on the wet blasted surface. The life of the blasting abrasive depends on many factors such as air pressure, the number of blasting guns and the duration of use. Wet blasting technology uses a very low amount of consumables compared to dry blasting. As we have mentioned before, fluid dynamics provides a less aggressive and sensitive blasting by sliding the consumable sand particles on the surface. Water maintains the material surface and geometry by ensuring the regular flow of the consumable from the surface. Consumable sand particles enter the complex surfaces by finding meandering paths with the flow of water and provide a homogeneous polishing on all surfaces.

Wet blasting removes deep-rooted contaminations on the material without damaging the underlying surface. Another important advantage of the wet blasting system is that it provides high standards of polishing on the material surface and saves time from the polishing time to be made with hand stone. The particles flow from the surface and contact at a higher rate and provide maximum surface quality. The technological advantage of wet blasting is that it provides homogeneous polishing and is a successful alternative to the negativities caused by the variable flow rates seen in dry blasting for cleaning critical surfaces. Some dry blasting processes damage the material surface due to variable density, resulting in poor performance of the produced profile, this is not the case for wet sandblasting.

Pot Type Wet Blasting System

Wet Sandlasting Nozzle Sandblasting Pot Air Compressor Set
Wet Sandblasting Nozzle Sandblasting Pot Set Air Compressor Set

One of the biggest problems in outdoor sandblasting operations is dust spreading to the environment. While this dust can be removed from the environment with specially made dust filter cabinets in closed environments, the spread of this dust in open areas cannot be prevented. For this reason, wet blasting systems are used especially in the sandblasting process of open area works. This wet blasting process has no effect on sandblasting since water is only used to mask dust. However, not every material can be sandblasted with the wet system. The reason for this is that water causes rapid corrosion, especially in metal-based materials. For this reason, we recommend sandblasting especially non-ferrous materials with the wet blasting system.

Abrasives are sprayed on the surface with air pressure with the Automatic Pressure Wet Blasting Pot, which is manufactured and sold with the assurance of SAYKAR. In this system, there is a wet blasting nozzle that makes the water-abrasive mixture. The user can adjust the amount of abrasive mixed with the water according to the needs, or close the water valve completely and pressurized sandblasting with only air pressure. Automatic Wet Blasting Pot is offered for sale as a complete set by our company. The wet blasting system includes a blasting pot, blasting hose, sandblasting mask, sandblasting suit, respiratory filter, remote control valve and blasting nozzle. In order for the Automatic Pressure Water blasting pot to work, only the water connection is sufficient. Today, sandblasting needs vary. There may be materials that cannot be taken to closed blasting rooms and need to be blasted outdoors. Developed Automatic Pressure Wet Blasting Pot; It provides dust-free sandblasting. Thanks to its mobile feature, the wet blasting pot can be transported to the point of need by means of a tractor. Only 1/2 inch water connection can be done quickly and effectively dust-free sandblasting after the water connection is easily made. The abrasive sprayed with air pressure does not cause dust when it comes out of the nozzle and when it hits the surface. With these features, the Automatic Wet Blasting Pot should be preferred in outdoor sandblasting applications. The wet blasting pot, which is used in wet blasting systems and provides wet blasting, is manufactured by attaching a special nozzle to the automatic blasting tank. These pot can spray all kinds of consumables specially produced for dust-free sandblasting processes.

SAYKAR Metallurgy recommends the use of wet blasting system in your sandblasting applications in open areas that require impact. You can find everything you want to learn about Wet Blasting at Saykar Metallurgy!!!

Wet Blasting Cabinet