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Use of composites in the aerospace and automotive industries has been a focus for many manufacturers, in line with the need for weight reduction without compromising structural integrity, As a result of the growing composite industry being at the forefront, the rate of innovation is increasing steadily. However, as with all manufacturing, there is a need to understand the importance of surface preparation to improve product quality. The explanations here highlight the importance of wet sandblasting as one of the best methods for preparing composite parts for bonding.

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Surface preparation has long been recognized as an important step in creating a solid bond and is the key to maximizing strength and durability. The ability to produce well-bonded parts can eliminate the need for expensive fastening processes that add weight and stress to a component. However, while long-standing processes such as manual processes and dry blasting are traditionally used, the ability to deliver precise and reproducible results is limited. This may result in established processes not meeting the required certification levels for composite parts.

Manufacturers must constantly seek different and often new ways to achieve better inter-part bonding as the demand for composite parts increases. Manufacturers looking to improve the surface preparation process can meet new challenges and find new ways of using composite materials.

Wet blasting process combines compressed air, blasting abrasive and water in the form of a slurry, creating a mechanical process that provides an abrasive effect. Wet blasting as an alternative mechanical process can provide manufacturers with better precision and repeatability when preparing composite parts. Addition of water creates a lubricating effect allowing the slurry to flow off the surface. Compared to other methods, the fluidity of abrasive in wet blasting makes processing complex shapes much easier, while also providing homogeneous surface finishing for more consistent bonds between parts to be joined.

When it comes to high-value composite parts, reproducibility becomes even more important. Concerns about dry and manual etching suggest that perhaps just a few seconds of over sandblasting will damage the substrate and damage the part. Wet blasting can be used to prevent material tissue damage In such cases. The controllability of the air pressure as well as the slurry provides a well-adjusted blasting, giving no damage to the material substrate, even in the most difficult working environments. Formula 1 teams, aerospace and automotive manufacturers have incorporated this method into their production processes after realizing some advantages of wet blasting.

Wet blasting gives a very consistent and matte surface that increases surface roughness in preparation for bonding. It also enables the removal of resinous layers caused by protective resin treatments. Being able to control the grit concentration and the various flows means that blasting operations can be tailored to achieve a range of roughness grades. After the bonding process has been done, tensile tests can be used to test the adhesive strength. Since surface preparation plays an important role in improving adhesion, the test can also be used to distinguish between different preparation processes. When the existing surface preparation processes are evaluated; Wet sandblasting has scored very well with the surface quality it provides before bonding the parts and the strong bond formed afterwards. Thanks to wet sandblasting, the surface of the base material is processed homogeneously, which makes the bond life between the parts much longer.

As manufacturers want to work with increasingly complex composite materials and shapes, the need for surface preparation control increases. This has led leading sandblasting machine manufacturers to develop innovative solutions for greater flexibility and improved process control. In the case of highly demanding composites, the ability to remove any contaminants from the sandblasting process will be critical to ensuring a successful blasting process. Sandblasting, without proper filtration, can cause pollutants to be sprayed back onto the surface of the composite and subsequently disrupt the bond.

Saykar, as Turkey's leading wet sandblasting machine manufacturer, offers precision wet sandblasting solutions that significantly improve composite production quality. Saykar SK 1100 Wet Blasting Machine in particular; Our machines provide manufacturers with a convenient and consistent tool that enables them to process a variety of materials to a very high quality surface form.

Saykar Wet Blasting Machines provide safe sandblasting in a sensitive and controllable manner with its many advanced features. Pressure can be varied according to composite material properties and design. A large viewing window allows the operator to control the process and to obtain the optimum surface for the next bonding process. We have different wet blasting machines to suit different customer needs. Our machines are used safely for precision surface treatments in sectors such as composite materials, molds, cutting tool sets, automotive and aerospace.

Wet blasting provides consistency that is critical in bonding composite material parts. It also offers a very high quality surface for carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium, so you can achieve the best results with maximum efficiency on each material by varying the process parameters. This blend of consistency and efficiency and the fact that the process does not damage the part demonstrates the fact that this process is ideal for the correct surface preparation process of composite parts.

Saykar, besides Composite Material Wet Blasting Machines, Automotive Wet Blasting Machine, Mold Wet Blasting Machine, Gun Wet Blasting Machine, Aviation Wet Blasting Machine, Wire Cable Wet Sandblasting Machine, Cutting Tool Wet Sandblasting Machine, Nuclear Wet Sandblasting Machine, It produces high quality and powerful wet sandblasting machines for the leading companies in the sector, such as Medical Wet Sandblasting Machine.

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