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Automatic Wet Blasting Machine
Automatic Wet Blasting Machine
SK 1300 Automatic Wet Blasting Machine is one of our multidirectional automatic wet blasting systems; Perfect solution for users that need durability and process reliability. This wet blasting machine can handle a wide range of materials, thanks to the automatic speed adjustment turntable. It becomes easy to operate the machine and the turntable by PLC unit and easy interface. Thanks to the radial arm used in automatic machining of SK 1300, provides flexibility to make and touch; operation on surfaces that the operator cannot reach. It is equipped with 4 sandblasting guns that make it easier to process the large components.
*Long-lasting, Safe and Durable. *It has an ergonomic design. *Offers Different Programming Options for Each Transaction. *Provides High Quality Homogeneous Surface Treatments. *Controlled and Consistent. *Cabinet Mounted Rinsing Gun Available.
Saykar has been manufacturing surface treatment machines working with pressurised air since 2003. The design and principles of operation of these machines are entirely owned by Saykar. SK 1300 Automatic Wet Blasting Machine is one of them.
Our machines are used safely in many companies worldwide. For example: Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Kosovo, Iran, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, UAE. Our machines provide superior functionality and aesthetics. Longer service life, less maintenance times, process safety, fast service and technical information support are also among the advantages we can offer you.

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Wet Blasting Process
Wet blasting is a process developed with the aim of meeting the need of high quality surface finishing in a wide variety of area usage.

This process uses a mixture of water and abrasive at certain rates. This slurry is pumped from the tank to the blasting gun. The slurry meets compressed air in the mixing chamber, creating a highly powerful blast stream. This stream accelerates though the boron carbide nozzles, ensuring the ideal blasting. After impacting upon the surface, the slurry goes back to the mixing chamber, recirculates through the same system for continuous use.

As in the case with dry blasting, the main role in obtaining the required surface is played by the abrasive. This offers a great variety and controllability since the form, hardness and size of abrasive particles can be chosen according to the application, in order to get the desired surface. We provide recommendations and essential technical information in choosing the abrasive which suits the application the best. Wet sandblasting not only ends in an extremely clean and high-quality surface, but it also facilitates the nitration action. The nitrogen diffuses very easily through the wet blasted surface.The duration during which the abrasive can be used depends on various factors such as pressure of the air, number of guns and operating time.

As mentioned above, the fluid dynamics lubricates the abrasive and ensures a less aggressive and tenderer blasting. Consistent flow provided by the water protects the surface and the geometrical shape of the die. One of the most significant advantages of the wet blasting is that the slurry can find serpentine ways over the tangled surfaces by the help of water and provide a homogeneous polishing over every type of surfaces.

The suitable abrasive should be chosen taking account of its endurance and the hardness of the surface.
As the usage of abrasive together with water can cause corrosion, all parts which are exposed to water are made from stainless steel in our machines.

Wet blasting technology offers a more effective and constant polishing action when compared to conventional dry blasting systems. Wet sandblasting can remove deeply imbedded contaminations on the material without causing any damage to the substrate below.

Wet blasting process offers a better work environment. The usage of water defeats the problem of airborne particles and prevents their accumulation around the machines. This industrial hygiene eliminates additional cleaning and maintenance needs.

Wet blasting offers a flexible and successful solution in the cleaning of materials and in every area it is used, thanks to the variety of process parameters and high controllability. Wet blasting is a process developed with the aim of meeting the need of high quality surface finishing in a wide variety of area usage.

***Wet Blasting Machines - Better with Water***

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