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Satellite Type Automatic Wet Blasting Machine
Satellite Type Automatic Wet Blasting Machine, Automatic Wet Sandlasting Machine, Turkey
SK 2004 Satellite Type Automatic Wet Blasting Machine is a latest generation wet sandblasting machine designed for processing and finishing the surfaces of cylindrical parts. All parameters such as rotation speed of the part, blasting time, blasting speed, distance of the nozzles to the part, blasting pressure can be programmed and the operator can complete the process by simply selecting the program on the touch screen. It operates at high efficiency thanks to its front cake slice design, sandblasting process can continue uninterruptedly.
* Automatic Wet Blasting * High processing capacity * Uninterrupted process continuity * Dust-free working * More homogenized surface than dry sandblasting * Loading / unloading in minimum time * Linear drive units of nozzles * PLC with operator interface to operate the system * Adjusting the satellite rotation speed * Adjusting speed and gun positions * Internal wear resistant lining * Abrasive saving provided by wet blasting.

SK 2000 Satellite Type Automatic Sandblasting Machine is a special machine with many superior features, produced by our company Saykar, considering the sectoral needs. Apart from our mass production products, our customers tell us the machines they need verbally or in writing. We design and manufacture unique machines based on these.

We attach great importance to providing fast technical support to our customers and a fast solution process. We do not only manufacture sandblasting machines, We pay great attention to the customer's smooth functioning of the process.

***Wet Blasting Machines - Better with Water***

"Saykar Total Number of Sandblasting Machines 1523"

"Wet Blasting Machines 157"
"Sandblasting Machines Exported Abroad 126"

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Satellite Type Automatic Wet Sandblasting Machine
Satellite Type Automatic Wet Blasting Machine
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