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Sandblasting Hose

Sandblasting Hose

Sandblasting hose is used for transfering the sand-air mixture from blasting machine to the surface. Pressured sand air mixture wear the inner surface of the hose while transfering. For this reason, you can not use any hose for this process. Hose manufacturers produce special hoses for sandblasting with more wall thickness and high strength. This special sized pressure sandblasting hoses should be preferred according to the need in the process. Sandblasting hose is offered for sale as 40 meters tie. It is sold by splitting at less length, if desired. The most widely used hose measure is 1" (25.4 mm) diameter hole. Sandblasting application to be done with a larger hose causes a disadvantage. A hole larger diameter hoses seem more like to do more sandblasting work, although it is not actually the case. The element that determines the sandblasting speed and the abrasive amount is sandblasting nozzle. It will place an extra burden on the operator raising the blasting hose diameter. Therefore, we prefer to use only 1" sandblasting hoses for our own machines.
Sandblasting Cabinet