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Marble Granite Sandblasting


You can find information about marble sandblasting, granite sandblasting, sandblasting machines and equipments used for this progress on this web page. Marble or granite masses removed from underground and after cutting into sheets take place at the market. These marble and granite slabs that are usually used for flooring surface is very slippery. This type of marble and granite surfaces are roughened by sandblasting and it should not be slippery when walking on it.

Mineral-based abrasive sand is used usually for this blasting process. Silica sand, basalt sand or abrasives such as garnet sprayed onto the surface of marble or granite slabs at a pressure of 8 bar. If desired, wet sandblasting method can also be used for generating less dust. You could see the pictures of machinery below for marble and granite sandblasting.

Granite - Marble Sandblasting System
Wet Blasting Nozzle Sandblasting Pot Air Compressor Set
Wet Blasting Nozzle Sandblasting Pot Air Compressor Set

Beyond modeling software, the stone industry has achieved great progress in its manufacturing and production technology. A great example is in the technique of sandblasting. In the past, sandblasting natural stone was confined to a few, specific design elements. Today, advances in sandblasting and carving technology allow skilled stone manufacturers to create art in natural stone that would have been thought impossible only decades ago. However, the relationship with the stone manufacturer is critical to a successful installation featuring graphical design elements using sandblast. The right stone manufacturer will enhance the project's outcome through quality workmanship and a consultative approach through every project phase.

Application of decorative granite,marble sandblasting: Interior & exterior decoration of home, office, restaurant, bar, hotel, wall, shower room, etc... Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Travertine, Onyx, Limestone, Basalt, engineered stone or artificial stone can be sandblasted for decorative stone sandblasting.

Photographs and other images can be transferred to natural stone with realistic detailing, using sandblasting and carving techniques. Skilled and knowledgeable stone providers will work with the entire team to bring these artistic visions to reality. While cost is always an important consideration, many other factors must be taken into account for a successful outcome.

Marble decorative sandblasting is an application of processing the desired pattern as 3-dimensional to the surface of the marble with the computer controlled CNC sandblasting machine. The marbles CNC sandblasted is used for decorative purposes and other similar applications that attract attention with extremely stylish looks. In our country, this project is the first instance of 3D CNC sandblasting and was carried out by SAYKAR that have built its own facility.

Granite Sandblasting - 3D Sandblasting
Sandblasting Cabinet