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Benchtop Sandblasting Machine
Benchtop Sandblasting Machine

SK 500 Benchtop Sandblasting Machine has the features of dust-free sandblasting of small parts and low air consumption. Therefore It is a device that can be installed with small investment. The design of this machine belongs entirely to our company. It can even work with a compressor of 4 kwh (5.5 hp) and by means of single-phase electric board with city electricity.
Main features of SK 500 Benchtop Sandblasting Machine: *Original Design and Working Principle *Adjustable Sandblasting Pressure *Special Automatic Filter System *Workable with Single Phase Electricity.
Longer service life, less maintenance times, process safety, fast service and technical information support are among the advantages we can offer you. Our machine has Zero Dust Emission and is CE certified.

"Saykar Total Number of Sandblasting Machines 1577"

"Wet Blasting Machines 171"
"Sandblasting Machines Exported Abroad 128"

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