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Wet Blasting - Mold


Wet blasting technology provides faster, more effective and more balanced surface treatment in mold preparation compared to conventional dry sandblasting. Wet blasting removes rooted contamination on the mold without damaging the underlying surface. At the same time, this process eliminates the time spent on drying that may be required after caustic cleaning prior to polishing.

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Wet Blasting Machine
Wet Blasting - Mold

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Wet blasting offers a more consistent finish by creating a slurry flow that ensures an even and homogeneous surface with the lubricating effect of water. Unlike the Wet Blasting Method, a heavier impact and lack of flow, which can occur with other processes, can lead to unpredictable results with the increased likelihood of chipping and uncontrollable etching. The use of water creates a lubricating effect by increasing the flow of particles across the treated surface. Wet blasting acts as a buffer, preventing blast granules from remaining in the base material and also protecting sensitive surfaces unlike dry blasting.
Wet Blasting System's ability to provide controlled and repeatable results improves tool quality and life, while also being more environmentally friendly, requiring fewer consumables and can be machined without harmful chemicals.

Another important advantage of the wet sandblasting system is that it saves time from the polishing time to be made with the hand stone. It provides high standard polishing on the mold surface. Since the particles are denser than dry blasting in wet blasting system, they flow from the surface at a higher rate and provide maximum surface quality.
Wet sandblasting process increases the quality of the final process with increasing mold success. Wet blasting process ensures full success for production by making homogeneous polishing.

The technological superiority of wet blasting is that it provides homogeneous polishing and is a successful alternative to the negativities caused by variable flow rates seen in dry blasting in cleaning critical surfaces. Some dry blasting processes damage the mold surface due to varying density, resulting in poor performance of the profile produced, which is not the case for wet blasting. It increases the mold success rates of extrusion presses by providing a consistent and homogeneous surface brightness.

Wet blasting also offers a better working environment. Since water is added to the process, there are no sand particles floating in the air and prevents the accumulation around the machine over time. This high level of industrial hygiene eliminates the need for extra cleaning and maintenance within the business.
Mold industry with wet blasting processes has provided access to a technology that is more effective than traditional sandblasting methods.

Wet sandblasting produces flexible and successful solutions in the cleaning of molds and in all areas where they are used, thanks to the multiplicity of process parameters and high controllability.
Cleaning and polishing of the molds are important for the continuity of the processes. These processes are important but sometimes time consuming and laborious for the continuous production of the mold plant.

However, if the necessary attention is not paid to the appropriate processes for the preparation of the molds, there is an increase in the rate of mold scrap and the risk of low surface quality. Dry sandblasting machines, which were dusty, difficult to maintain and relatively cumbersome, were used for these processes and are still in use. It has become a necessity to develop this technique and processes and to create a new alternative in mold preparation processes in the course of time. Processes increasingly showed the importance of the need for both economical and time-saving solutions.

We hope that this information, which we present the benefits of using wet blasting technology in molds and the scientific data behind this technology, will help you as well.

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