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Garnet Abrasive
Garnet mineral is one of the minerals of silicates group. It is obtained by grinding garnet rock that is in nature of 98 percent pure form. Hardness of it comes after diamond and corundum. It's hardness is between 7,5-8,5. It is known as Australian garnet and Indian garnet in the market. Garnet abrasive is composed of natural Almandite garnet grains that are known for their natural hardness, durability and abrasive characteristics. It is an alternative to silica sand, mineral slags and steel grits and shot as the perfect symbiosis of grain size, density and hardness/durability creates the optimum abrasive efficiency - lowest abrasive consumption (kg/m2) at the highest production rates (m2/hr).

Garnet - Specific Gravity 4,1 g/cm3
Garnet - Average Bulk Density 2,4 g/cm3
Garnet's Hardness >8 (Mohs scale)
Garnet's Crystal System Cubic
Garnet's Crystal Shape Dodecahedron and rarely Trapezohedron
Silicon Carbide Breakage Mid-concoidal (Clam shell shape)
Garnet's Durability High
Garnet's Free Flow Feature 97 % minimum
Garnet's Sensitivity To Acid No
Garnet's Moisture Absorption No (Not hygroscopic)
Garnet's Magnetic Characteristic Slightly Magnetic
Garnet's Transmission of Electricity 10 microsiemens per meter
Garnet's Radioactivity Characteristic Not Been Determined
Garnet's Pathological Damage Characteristic No
Garnet's Free Silica Content No

Al2O3 : 21% Chlor content <50 ppm
Fe2O3 : 31% Soluble salt content<100 ppm
SiO2 : 35% Aquatic pH6,93
MgO : 8% Gypsum content, No
CaO : 1,5% Humidity < 0,5
TiO2 : 1% Carbonate content, No
P2O5 : 0,05% Ignition loss, No
MnO : 0,5% Metal content of free Fe, Cu and other heavy metals are very low
ZrO2 : Trace Amount

Garnet (Almandine) 97-98 %
Ilmenite 1-2 %
Quartz 0,5 %
Others 0,5 %

Garnet sandblasting abrasive is not a radioactive mineral.
Garnet sandblasting abrasive does not contain heavy metals.
Garnet sandblasting mineral does not hold moisture.
Garnet sandblasting mineral does not contain toxic and cancerogenic substances.
Garnet sandblasting media does not contain free silica and does not cause silicosis disease.
Garnet sandblasting media improves high energy transfer to the surface, ensures high resistance against breakage with low dust generation.
Garnet with high specific gravity (4.0-4.1), ensures dirt and coating removal easily by high energy of the particles hitting the surface.
Garnet is consists of angular particles and makes a rapid cleaning on every type of material surface.
Garnet can be used freely on every type of material surface because it has no corrosive effects.

Grade A (12/25 Mesh) 425-1100 micron
Grade B (20/40 Mesh) 300-850 micron
Grade C (30/60 Mesh) 180-600 micron
Grade D (40/80 Mesh) 125-300 micron
Grade E (60/120 Mesh) 90-250 micron

Shipbuilding, Ship Repair Industry Garnet Grade A & B Oxide Removal, Epoxy Removal, Thick Coatings and Rust Removal, Reusable
Bridge Sandblasting Garnet Grade A & B Oxide Removal, Epoxy Removal, Thick Coatings and Rust Removal, Reusable
Petrochemical Plant Sandblasting Garnet Grade A & B Oxide Removal, Epoxy Removal, Thick Coatings and Rust Removal, Reusable
Industrial Roughening Prior To Painting Garnet Grade A & B Oxide Removal, Epoxy Removal, Thick Coatings and Rust Removal, Reusable
Water Filtration Garnet Grade A Longevity, Reusable
Glass Industry Garnet Grade C & D Longevity, Reusable
Water Jet Machines Garnet Grade D Fast Cutting, Ability to cut all metal and non-metal materials
Aircraft Industry Garnet Grade E Sensitive Cleaning, Non-corrosive, Fast Cleaning
Turbine Blades Garnet Grade E Sensitive Cleaning, Non-corrosive, Fast Cleaning
Jeans Sandblasting Garnet Grade D Not containing free silica and iron, Fast Grinding, Reusable

Being environmentally inert, Garnet meets all Occupational Health and Safety requirements and achieves the highest quality of processing standards in respect of mineral purity and the stringent international requirements for chloride and free silica content. In addition, Garnet abrasive is recyclable up to 5 - 10 times (depending on the application) due to its superior toughness and low friability. Garnet is used as a sandblasting cleaning abrasive in various industries around the world and is approved by major oil companies, shipyards and major paint manufacturers.
It is suitable for all areas of surface preparation especially stainless steel, anti-magnetic steel and all specialty alloys as it is free of metallic iron. Blast cleaning using Garnet provides significantly lower dust emissions due to its inherent material toughness and rapid settling (high specific gravity). This ensures minimum disruption and danger to adjoining operations and improves operator visibility and safety. Very fast cutting is achieved with speed, large number and shape of grains impacting on the surface. The acceleration and speed of a grain in an air stream is a function of the inertia and hence the size of the grain. The unique grain size enables many more active grains impacting the surface and greatly reduces abrasive consumption. Garnet grains clean deep into the cavities and pitted areas down to the bare metal, thoroughly removing all rust, soluble salts and other contaminations. The blasted surface is free of embedment and rogue peaks and troughs. SA3 White Metal is effortlessly achieved. Garnet is non-toxic with no silicosis hazard or risk of contamination from leachable heavy metals or radioactive substances.

You can find blasting garnet applications and performance results in our site in the future periods as we, Saykar Sandblasting obtained the results of advanced blasting trials. You can reach every information about garnet sandblasting media and everything about sandblasting at our company!!!

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