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Ship - Boat Sandblasting


You can find information about ship sandblasting, boat sandblasting and sandblasting machine on this web page. Proper surface preparation is essential for the success of any marine coating scheme. The importance of removing oil, grease, old coatings and surface contaminants (such as millscale and rust on steel, and zinc salts on zinc containing primers or galvanised surfaces) cannot be over emphasised. The performance of any paint coating is directly dependent upon the correct and thorough preparation of the surface prior to coating. The most expensive and technologically advanced coating system will fail if the surface preparation is incorrect or incomplete.

Ship - Boat Sandblasting: The main objective of surface preparation is to ensure that all such contamination is removed to reduce the possibility of initiating corrosion and to create a surface profile that allows satisfactory adhesion of the coating to be applied. Sandblasting by far the most effective method for removal of millscale, rust and old coatings, using abrasives such as garnet, grit or shot under high pressure. Steel grit is most suitable blasting abrasive for steel boat and ship sandblasting, since the cost is high, garnet, silica sand or basalt sand is preferred. Blasting soda is the most ideal media for fiber boat sandblasting process. It offers very sensitive blasting and ensures a good surface quality. Again, the cost is high, low specific gravity abrasives or various organic shells can be used for boat sandblasting. We recommend our ship-boat sandblasting machine for your blasting works. Different types of abrasives can be used and wet sandblasting can be made with this machine.

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