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Sandblasting Pot Cast Valve
Sandblasting Pot Cast ValveRubber gasket
Cast Valve is the most important part of the pressure sandblasting pot. This valve allows you to adjust the amount of sand amount blasted and made of with long lasting wear resistant cast material. Abrasive sand do not come into contact directly with the valve by the means of rubber gasket in the valve. The valve (that is shown in the picture above) of pressure sandblasting pot is connected to the pot with the connection element of 1 1/4" in size on the upper side of the valve. Sandblasting pot cast valve is connected directly to the air line with the connection element of 1" size on the lower left side and connected to the sandblasting hose with the dovetail on the lower right side of valve. Sandblasting valve has been designed to be able to adjust the sand air mixture in the best way. Abrasive blasting amount adjustment must be made at first in the beginning of the sandblasting process. This procedure should be determined according to the inner diameter of sandblasting nozzle. Sandblasting pot valve should be adjusted as the abrasive flowing in the hose continuously and without congestion at the sandblasting nozzle. You will be able to do efficient sandblasting only in this way.
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