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Sandblasting Helmets
Sandblasting HelmetSandblasting HelmetSandblasting Mask
Sandblasting helmet that we sell is manufactured by the method of plastic injection molding. It has two protection glass. Front sight glass is acrylic at the inside. Outside glass is protected by perforated metal plate. It is the highest quality sandblasting helmet on the market. This sandblasting helmet is long lasting and dust resistant much more as compared to other helmets. Incoming air for the sandblasting operator is adjustable by a special valve on the back. In addition, there is a silencer at the helmet for pressurised air noise. Other feature at the sandblasting helmet is the indicator located at forehead level of the operator that indicates the clean air is coming. Sandblasting operator can easily understand the clean air is continuing to come while sandblasting by the means of this indicator. Coming air to the helmet should be filtered by the active carbon respiratory filter.
Sandblasting Helmet
Sandblasting Cabinet