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We will share some information to explain the need for edge preparation in cutting tools and to evaluate the benefits of wet blasting on this page. Four elements must be considered to produce high quality and successful cutting tools: Edge preparation, coating, tool geometry, and tool material substrate. Most important issues; With a broad understanding and established technologies available, there had been substrate, geometry and coating processes until recently. A better understanding of manufacturing processes is needed due to increased performance demands and increased market competition in machine tools.

The fourth element, edge preparation, has only recently received wider attention. It is important to achieve a uniform rounding along the major and minor cutting edges and corners to ensure a stable performance of cutting tools. A number of new techniques that have emerged for edge preparation (edge preparation is still considered one of the "not-so-mastered" production stages) has resulted in more research and development to achieve greater accuracy and control.

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Edge preparation for cutting tools is the process of rounding or radian removal of the cutting edge of a tool. Radiating a cutting edge to create a larger area, the probability of tool wear is reduced and coating adhesion is increased; furthermore, the combination of these factors will result in longer tool life. Thanks to the radius of the cutting edge, it has a more stable form that can deliver up to 500% higher performance.

Sandblasting enables the improvement of the surface finishing of tools. Because this process creates a better substrate for the coating. Using edge preparation processes to improve surface Ra values will provide a more standard structure of coated tools and a more homogeneous abrasion. This increases the cutting stability and reduces the risk of wear and scaling.
Efficiency of the manufacturing operation without edge preparation; decreases due to increased downtime and waste rates, as tools need to be changed more frequently. With sharper "non-prep" tools, manufacturers can see faster cuts, but without edge prep it has been found that the concentration of stress on the edges is a major cause of chip formation.

Sharper insert makes poor heat dissipation, and temperatures above 1000 C can be another reason for cutting tools failure. Studies have shown that a rounded tool will reduce stresses by allowing heat to dissipate into the tool.
However, given tool surface variations, cutting applications and tool types, there is no "one tool fits all" approach to edge preparation. Edge preparation makes the controllability of this process an important requirement for anyone looking to increase tool life, as different cutting tools require different roundation.
Wet blasting method to lift and round the upper layers of the surface; It can also be used after grinding or sintering to reduce overhang. In addition, by reducing surface roughness and removing cobalt particles, the average indentation and protrusion distance was reduced to improve coating adhesion.

Wet blasting also offers a more consistent finish by creating a slurry flow that ensures an even and homogeneous surface with the lubricating effect of water. Unlike the Wet Blasting Method, a heavier impact and lack of flow, which can occur with other microblasting processes, can lead to unpredictable results with the increased likelihood of chipping and uncontrollable etching. The use of water creates a lubricating effect by increasing the flow of particles across the treated surface. Wet blasting acts as a buffer, preventing blast granules from remaining in the base material and also protecting sensitive surfaces unlike dry blasting./p>

The most advanced wet sandblasting systems; Uses powerful software programs to control and monitor the flows of water, air and blast abrasives; Water, air and sandblasting abrasives are then accelerated by means of sandblasting nozzles as a mixture and sprayed onto the surface. Changing the air and slurry pressures, blast abrasive, slurry concentration, blasting time, blast nozzle angle and nozzle distance provides a range of processing effects that can be used in cutting forms. Also, abrasive concentration, process temperature, blast pressure can be controlled to provide a highly consistent surface finish that can be reproduced over time.

Our wet blast machine systems control a large number of variables that allow users to increase the predictability of tool performance. With the widening of their controllability, it becomes easier to obtain, pushing the boundaries in terms of edge preparation, and therefore research can be made for new and different edge corners and forms.

Wet blasting system delivers extremely high quality results that are increasingly recognized worldwide by many tool manufacturers in summary. With its ability to provide controlled and repeatable results, wet sandblasting not only increases tool quality and life, but also more environmentally friendly, requiring less consumables and being able to process without harmful chemicals.

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