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Mold Sandblasting


You can find information about mold sandblasting process, required sandblasting machines and equipments on this web page. Steel alloy is the main material of molds usually. For this reason, long time pending molds can be exposed to corrosion. In addition, on the surface of the mold consists of residues after molding as a result of the manufacturing process. For example, rubber material adheres to the inner side of the rubber molds after molding. These residues are cleaned with the sandblasting process. Aluminum injection molds and plastic injection molds are also cleaned by the same process like rubber molds. In this process, sandblasting media which won't change mold tolerance and geometry is used like glass bead. Below you may see the pictures of sandblasting machines and cabinets used for mold sandblasting. The ideal sandblasting cabinet for mold cleaning is adequately mold sized and has a turntable rotating manually or automatically.

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Wet blasting application is ideal solution for mold sandblasting (mold cleaning) considering more delicate handling with many advantages. Wet blasting provides higher surface quality by taking advantage of the dynamic properties of the water. It is the most advanced sandblasting technique that assures precise and homogeneous sandblasting, extending the life of consumable media, dust-free and quiet operation. Wet blasting cabinet is preferred for mold sandblasting applications which require precise and uniform sanding and polished surface such as aluminum extrusion molds, rubber molds, etc.

Wet Blasting Machine
Wet Blasting Cabinet
Wet Sandblasting Machine
SK 800 Wet Blasting Machine SK 1100 Wet Blasting Machine SK 1100 S Wet Blasting Machine

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Sandblasting Cabinet