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Sandblasting Machines
Пескоструйные шкафы
Влажные Взрывные шкафы
Давление пескоструйных шкафы
Прилавок Взрывные машина
Взрывные Котлы
Портативные пескоструйные машина
Имплантат Пескоструйная машина
Пескоструйная пылевой фильтр
Автоматические пескоструйные Машина
Sandblasting Equipments
Пескоструйные Сопла
Пескоструйный Пистолет
Пескоструйные Комбинезоны
Пескоструйные Шлемы
Пескоструйная Дыхательные фильтры
Пескоструйная обработка клапана
Пескоструйная Клапан Котла
Пескоструйная Перчатки
Пескоструйные Запчасти
Пескоструйной Обработки Шлангов
Sandblasting Abrasives
Alüminyum Oksit
Cam Kürecik
Paslanmaz Bilye
Silisyum Karbür
Glass sand
Seramik Bilye
çelik Bilye çelik Grit
Kumlama Sodası
Plastik Abrasiv
We as Saykar Sandblasting produce and trade sandblasting machines and equipments. You could obtain all your needs related to sandblasting such as sandblasting cabinets, sandblasting machines and sandblasting equipments from our company. SAYKAR which was established in 2003, has been operating at sandblasting area over 10 years as an engineering company. We have been specialized at producing sandblasting machines, equipments and establishing sandblasting facilities and reached the present day. Saykar has been cooperated with almost 2200 companies, produced over 600 sandblasting machines and established 20 sandblasting facilities from past to present. You may see at the references page some of the companies which our cabinets, machines are working at. We have improved especially our technological infrastructure with R&D and present our products according to sandblasting market needs at very proper prices. Saykar also manufactures special machines and equipments out of standard.
Sandblasting Cabinet